Cincinnati, OH. – October 10, 2019 – Unity Funding Company (“UFC”) is pleased to introduce our new Smart Form. Unity Funding Company is always looking to improve the funding experience.

Our new Smart Form can be found under the Forms tab on our website, you can request the form by emailing claims@unityfundingco.com, or you can call the Home Office at 855.414.8814.  

UFC’s new Smart Form reduces the amount of paperwork required to request an advance. The new offering removes the need to enter information more than once and is more user friendly than our previous paperwork.

UFC is constantly evaluating our processes and procedures to benefit our customers and the families they serve. Assignment funding is about more than being fast, our goal is to deliver a fast, accurate, and simple funding experience. 

Consecutive Record Years

March 29th, 2019 – Unity Funding Company (“UFC”) is pleased to report another consecutive record year. In 2018 UFC witnessed exceptional growth in revenue, continued to expand their customer base, and experienced a 36% increase in number of advances made versus the 2017 year.

Adam Goller, Vice-President, noted all early indicators point to 2019 continuing this positive trend. UFC is proud of their continued success. Any funding company can fund assignments quickly, but UFC is focused on delivering a funding experience that betters the funeral home’s whole business and helps funeral directors focus on the families they serve. 

UFC’s dedicated account representatives, simple paperwork, online portal, low minimum fee, and no cost immediate payment option are just a few reasons why they are one of the fastest growing funding companies in the industry.

UFC, based in Cincinnati, Ohio will release the funds associated with insurance assignments without a death certificate, immediately upon verification of benefits, complete the insurance paperwork for the customer, and help funeral directors focus on the families they serve. If you are interested in learning more about UFC’s services, please call 855.414.8814.   

Fast, Accurate, and Simple Assignment Funding


Unity Funding Company and Unity Financial Life are pleased to announce Unity Rewards. Unity Rewards is offered at no cost to all our clients, their families and their staff members.

Unity Rewards provides access to special benefits and features on services like hotels, office supplies, rental cars, apparel, promotional items, entertainment, and much more. These features are available from name brands like Amazon, Staples, Office Depot/Office Max, AMC Theatres, Best Buy, LifeLock, Dell and many more.

According to Adam Goller, Vice President, Unity Funding Company, “Unity Rewards is another offering we make to benefit your whole business. The program is something we are proud to offer our clients, their families, and their staff.”

To learn more about Unity Rewards email claims@unityfundingco.com